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- BTSA Course description - english version

Method of calculating the ECTS

As part of the BTSA Viticulture-Oenology, the lessons are arranged in teaching units that will give a number of ECTS. The basis is a "workload of 25-30 hours = 1 ECTS." The workload includes courses, practical and tutorial classes, internships or projects, personal work and complementary activities (lectures...). The BTSA Viticulture-Oenology academic year, divided in two semesters, was built in collaboration with the inspection and approved by the presidents of the jury of the BTSA .

However, for young people wishing to attend only a few modules, allocation of ECTS is done in close collaboration with the University of origin and in accordance with the rule presented above.

Regarding the Technical Sales BTSA, the training is not broken down into ECTS so far but it will give access to an extra to the specific diploma. In all cases, the two years of training give 120 ECTS.

Download : Evaluation Plan - BTSA VO LMD Bel Air High School

For those who do not wish to follow all of the Teaching Units, a training plan is considered on a case by case basis. The modules offered (as well as the language of instruction) are presented in the files below *:
- Modules proposal for european students - english version
- Example of ECTS equivalence

* Subject to change - contact us

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